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Tallow makes GOOD Soap!

Tallow makes GOOD Soap.

Today people aren’t familiar with traditional ingredients such as tallow like our grandparents and great grandparents. Using purest, natural ingredients was second nature to our ancestors. Sunflower creations is a modern business with old school ingredients!


Tallow is a rendered beef fat. The highest quality of beef fat comes from around the kidneys. You can use tallow to cook or put it in products for your hair or skin. When tallow is hot it is liquid and when it’s stored at room temperature it becomes a solid.


  • Rich in minerals

  • Has vitamin A, D, K, E, and B12 (all wonderful for skin).

  • Anti- inflammatory properties

  • Omega 7 (Our skins basic building blocks)

  • Steroids acid helps prepare damaged skin

  • Palmitic acid helps improve the protective barrier function of skin


So the answer really is simple. See the list above! A lot of people complain about the idea of it but yet use perfume/cologne, makeup, lotions, and skincare products with loads of chemicals ! Crazy right ? Some also ask well wouldn’t that make things greasy? Using tallow in soap makes for a great creamy lather, very similar to human fat so that makes it a great moisturizer. So not only are you getting clean, you smell good and you’re moisturized. No harsh chemicals has entered your skin. Remember your largest organ gets all the crap. That’s why we use all raw material and no crap!

Go shop our soap!

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