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Irish Sea Moss


What is it?

Irish Sea moss is from the family of red algae which grows in rocky areas of the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. The sea moss smells like minerals, the color of our Irish Sea Moss is yellow. The sea moss should be stored in a cool dry place.


  1. Increases sexual health

  2. Anti inflammatory

  3. Soothes digestive tract

  4. Increases energy

  5. Increases libido

  6. Increases skin elasticity

  7. Promotes weight loss

  8. Boosts testosterone

  9. Rich in antioxidants

  10. Lowers blood pressure

  11. Boost immune system

  12. 92 minerals

  13. Eliminates mucus

  14. Supports thyroid (iodine)

  15. Improve hair growth

  16. Moisturize scalp

Ways to use :

  • Dairy free elixirs

  • Blended soups

  • One pot meals and stews

  • Salad dressing

  • Homemade nut/seed milk

  • Nut cheese

  • Raw desserts

  • Chocolate

  • Smoothies

Standard Sea Moss Gel


  • A cup of Dried Sea Moss

  • A Glass Jar With Lid

  • 1-2 Cups of Water (depending on the Consistency you prefer.)

  • A Blender

  • Bowl


  1. Add 1 cup of dried sea moss into a bowl of water and leave it overnight.

  2. In the morning, strain the sea moss and throw the water.

  3. Then, blend 1-2 cups of water along with the sea moss into a blender to get a lump-free paste.

  4. Now, transfer the creamy white paste into a jar with a lid and store it into a refrigerator.

  5. This gel can last long for up to 1 month.

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